PCB Prototyping Machine

► Price: Ask for quote
► Working Area: Enlarged (15x10.2x1.3 inch)
► Tool Change: Semi-automatic, prompted by control program
► Tool Calibration: Automatic with Precise Linear Gauge
► Depth Adjustment: Constant Automatic Surface Tracking
► Spindle Speed [rpm]: 5,000 to 62,000 programmable
► Spindle Motor: 3-phase induction motor; 62K/170W
► High precision positioning system with servo feedback
► Temperature compensation for the axes and material
► Video Camera / Microscope

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Detailed Specification:

Model: A531R
Working area (XxYxZ) 381x259x33 mm,
15x10.2x1.3 inch
Machine design Heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel platform
Machine table 16 mm, 0.625 inch stress relieved high stability aluminum alloy
Internal Resolution (X,Y,Z) 0.1 μm, 0.0000039 inch (0.0039 mil) *
Positioning Repeatability (X,Y,Z) 1 μm, 0.000039 inch  (0.039 mil)
Absolute Accuracy (X,Y) 7.5  μm at 254 mm (10 inch) **
Tool penetration control Constant Automatic Surface Tracking - CAST™, surface tracking relative to tool tip, fully programmable fully automatic. Uses a linear gauge with 1 μm, 0.039 mil resolution.
Tool Calibration Precise Linear Gauge on the Z axis (0.039 mil, 1 micron resolution)
Spindle speed [rpm] 5,000 to 62,000 programmable
Spindle motor 3-phase induction motor; 62K/170W
Spindle drive PhACdrive (sensorless, vector control, DSP based)
Tool collet 3.175 mm, 0.125 inch
Spindle run out 5 μm, 0.0002 inch max
Collet control With knob on the spindle top
Tool Change Semi-automatic, prompted by control program
Minimum drill diameter 0.1 mm (4 mil)  
Minimum track size 0.1 mm (4 mil)
Minimum gap size 0.1 mm (4 mil)
Drilling speed Up to 180 drill cycles per minute (varies with the distance between holes)
Homing system Gold plated precision needle contacts
Max Travel speed (X,Y,Z) Up to 150 mm/s, 5.9 inch/s
X/Y/Z positioning system 2 phase bipolar stepper motors, precision lead screws with anti-backlash nuts
Precise Linear Gauge on the Z axis (1 μm)
X/Y/Z stepper drivers PhSTdrive SMART stepper drive with calibrated screw table (DSP based), supporting temperature compensation for the screw and material **
Interface to PC USB 2.0 with galvanic isolation (>1kV)
Spindle and vacuum start-stop Program controlled, manual override available
Feed rate and Spindle speed Program controlled, manual override available
Dimensions (WxDxH) 659x506x330 mm , 25.9x19.9x13 inch
Weight 36 Kg, 79 Lbs
Power Supply 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz 355W
(45W stand by)
Machine control system PhCNC440 CNC motion controller (up to 6000 command/sec)
Machine control programs Industry standard G & M codes ASCII, PHJ job files
Control and Edit software PhCNC, Windows based (Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10) x86 & x64
Supporting firmware update for PhCNC440, PhACdrive & PhSTdrive (X/Y/Z)
Imports Gerber RS-274X files; Excellon Drill and Definition files; AutoCAD DXF 2D files; CAM350 files; PhCNC printer driver.
Camera Fiducial / inspection video camera / microscope (USB 2.0) included.
Warranty 1 year included in the price of the machine. It is an option to buy second and third year of warranty.
* The high internal resolution is used to achieve better screw calibration; temperature compensation for the screw and material; low noise and smooth movement.
** To achieve the max accuracy, machine must be warm up for at least 30 min.