► Price: Ask for quote
► Controllable by the Machine
► Long Service Life
► Low Noise
► 100-120V or 200-240V
► 50Hz / 60Hz

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Vacuum Generator

This vacuum (debris collecting system) has a very long service life and low noise.
It contains a Vortex turbine vacuum generator controlled by an adjustable speed inverter drive, stainless steel canister and submicron HEPA filter.
It is a must unit if you anticipate subjecting any of the Accurate systems to heavy usage. If in doubt, please contact us for more specific advice.
This unit is controlled directly by the Accurate family of machines and does not require the automatic vacuum starter option.
The unit uses single phase 100 to 120V AC (standard for US and Japan).
Units powered by single phase 200 to 240 V AC (for EU and other countries using this range) are also available.
Due to the use of an inverter drive this system is not frequency sensitive.